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Alfirin instructions
How to access the pedigree information.

Select the Alfirin Pedigree Generator link. A new page with 4 steps will be available.

Step 1: Select the number of generations you are interested in.  The program recommends 5, this is the default number.

Step 2: enter the name of the dog you’re interested in researching.

Step 3: There is only one database available so no action required here

Step 4: Select the search speed you want.  Default is fast, Slow will generally give you more dogs.

Select the “Search Now” button

When the result page appears review the dogs and find the one you are interested in.  There are now 5 different pedigree types to choose from:

Pedigree w/ Links: This page will display a pedigree with all the options available from the 1st & 2nd generations. Also displayed are the registration number, color and date of birth for the 1st 3 generations and the registration number for the remaining displayed generations.

Pedigree wo/ links: This page will display a pedigree that shows health information in addition to registration numbers, color and date of birth.

Breeding Info: This page will display information on the Sire, Dam, Full Siblings, Half Siblings on the sire side, Half Sibling on the dam side, All breeding and the offspring.  All 5 pedigree links are also available for each dog displayed.

Trial Pedigree: This page will allow you to review a pedigree of potential offspring produced by different crosses. You enter the desired sire and dam information. Select the “Create Now” button.

Reverse Pedigree: This page will display the offspring from the selected dog and the offspring of these dogs as well.

Any of the displayed pedigrees and can be printed or copy & pasted to a word document.  CTRL+P will print the displayed page.  High lighting the desired pedigree information, select CTRL+C to copy the information, move to you word processing program and select CTRL+V to insert the data.  On a MAC use COMMAND+C and COMMAND+V. COMMAND+P to print screen.

During your research, should you notice an error or missing information please contact the BRCC so the database can be updated. 

email BRCC